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Youth Basketball Training Camp

The Intensive Basketball Camp is designed for players who need to elevate the toughness and intensity level of their game. Our basketball training camp focuses on intense skill workouts, gameplay, physical conditioning, and mental toughness in order to provide our players with a set of tools to improve every aspect of their game. Our practice workouts focus on the basketball skills outlined below:

  • Offensive Footwork - Using your body and momentum to create space and get your own shot; screening technique and strategy; using and reading screens to get a shot and create mismatches
  • Defensive Footwork - Situational positioning and understanding that position is more important than athleticism; creating pressure without fouling
  • Ball Strength - Weight lifting and conditioning will be supplemented with training on how to avoid being stripped while driving to the basket; finishing through contact; keeping center of gravity and ball low while dribbling through traffic
  • Shooting - All players will do extensive jump shooting work, with position-specific shots added in for each position group; guards will work on using their body to avoid blocks, teardrops, runners, and spot-up shooting from distance; frontcourt players will focus on footwork in the post, getting a defender on their side, jump hooks, spot-up jumpers and basket cuts off of screens, and put-backs.
  • Conditioning - Endurance is a crucial component to becoming a successful basketball player. Athletes will run outdoors every morning and go through additional running and conditioning workouts and drills throughout camp.
  • Game Strategy - Creating space on the floor through passing and moving without the ball; using superior conditioning to perform when fatigued; ball control and using dribbling and passing to protect a lead against an aggressive defense
  • Chalk Talk - Each night, we will take the players through a strategy session on topics including recognizing the weaknesses of opponents, motivation, leadership, nutrition, overcoming adversity, and more.

The training philosophy of the Intensive Basketball Camp centers on technical instruction, physical preparation, mental toughness, and life skills development. Our basketball training camp focuses on intense practice and drilling. We supplement this approach with nightly games so the players can test their skills in live competition. This camp can provide a valuable addition to a summer AAU schedule, allowing your player to get in critical practice time in an intense, structured environment.

Through four sessions per day that include skill workouts, live games, running, weight lifting, and conditioning, as well as through motivational sessions and game strategy lessons, we teach young men a new definition of hard work. High school basketball players that come to camp will learn how to be accountable for their actions on a team, and skills—both in basketball and in life—that will translate to success on and off the court.We believe that intense challenges bring about significant change, so we provide a structured environment that pushes athletes to their limits.

The curriculum of our 10-day basketball training clinic is driven by the philosophy of teaching seven essential values that we call the J7—Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service. We teach these principles within the context of basketball to prepare the players for success on and off the court, showing them how to become a stronger athlete and a more complete person through a comprehensive approach to basketball training, character-building, and life skills development.


The 2016 Intensive Basketball Camp is limited to male athletes who will be entering their freshman year of high school through those entering their senior year in high school (basically, 13-18 year olds).


The 2016 Intensive Camp will only be open to resident campers (campers stay in dorms, no commuters allowed). The camp fee is $1195.00, which includes room and board, 3 meals a day, access to a full-time athletic training staff, a reversible practice jersey, water bottle, and camp workbook. Once you pay the initial deposit, you may pay any amount at any time.

Join the best and most intense basketball training camp in the country. Registration for the 2016 camp is now closed.




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