High School Boys Basketball Camp

The Intensive Basketball Camp is the only extended-length boys basketball training camp in America specifically designed for high school boys. Great habits can’t be developed in a matter of days—they must be ingrained through repetition over an extended period of time in an immersive environment free of distractions. That’s why our camp lasts for 10 days, and that’s why we focus on teaching players the practice habits, as well as life skills, that will allow them to continue their improvement after they leave camp. Watch our "Day in the Life" video below to learn more about what you'll be doing each day while at camp.

Our camp concentrates on four key elements of basketball training to develop a complete player: skill development, work ethic and life skills, athleticism, and mental approach.

Skill Development

Skills can’t be improved through gameplay alone, so we take a comprehensive approach to basketball skill development through 4 structured practices and workout sessions per day.

  1. AM Shooting Practice and Performance Training: Each player will get up at least 2,000 jump shots before 8am during camp. Players wake up each morning at 6:30am, and we lead them through an early morning shooting practice and performance training session.

  2. Skills Practice: We focus on perfecting essential basketball fundamentals such as shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense, as well as developing advanced skills such as offensive and defensive footwork, ball strength and finishing, court spacing, and situational strategy. For additional information, please visit our Basketball Skills Curriculum page.

  3. Intense Practice: This practice is devoted to teaching the campers how to perform under the pressure of physical and mental fatigue. We mix intense basketball skills drilling with conditioning exercises such as running, core strength, agility, and plyometric strength to simulate the physical and mental toll of gameplay.

  4. Skills Review and Gameplay: Each evening session begins with a review of skills taught earlier that day before we transition into an hour of gameplay that will allow campers to apply what they have learned to live competition.

For additional information on the structure of our camp, please visit our Daily Schedule page. For examples of what our practices and workouts look like, visit our Practice Videos page.

Work Ethic and Life Skills

The Intensive Basketball Camp focuses on creating a disciplined environment that challenges athletes physically and mentally. Each day, we lead the players through a structured schedule that promotes the development of work ethic and routine, and that facilitates skill development, physical preparation, and mental toughness. In order to make campers accountable for their actions, we apply an evaluation system throughout camp that scores them on effort, respect, responsibility, and punctuality. If they earn enough points by the end of camp, they receive an I DID IT shirt.

The curriculum of this basketball training clinic is driven by the philosophy of teaching seven essential values that we call The J7—Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service. We teach these principles within the context of basketball to prepare the players for success on and off the court, showing them how to become a stronger athlete and a more confident, complete person through a comprehensive approach to basketball training, character-building, and life skills development. For additional information, please visit our Camp Philosophy page.


In order to maximize the potential of each athlete, we incorporate athletic performance training into camp. We lead campers through outdoor morning runs and evening strength training sessions, as well as exercises during the afternoon Intense Practice that promote agility, endurance, and plyometric strength. 

Mental Approach

We believe in teaching our campers how to be successful both on and off the court, so not only do we try to develop a complete player, but also a complete person. Each player at The Intensive Basketball Camp receives instruction that no other basketball camp offers. They are given a camp workbook that includes daily goal-setting exercises, and each night, we provide guest speakers who discuss topics such as mental attitude, motivation, visualization, leadership, service to others, college recruiting, and social media use. We also train our staff and counselors to interact with and coach the players with constructive feedback and encouragement that promotes self-confidence and love for the game. For additional details, please visit our Camp Staff page.


Dates, Location, and Registration

The 2017 Intensive Basketball Camp is open to boys ages 13-18 and will take place from July 28 - August 6 at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. Registration is now open. The camp fee for 2017 will be $1195, and will include the following items. 

  • Room and board
  • 3 meals a day
  • Camp jersey / water bottle
  • Camp curriculum and workbook
  • A basketball will be provided during camp
  • Certified athletic trainers on site full-time
  • Use of university facilities
  • Experienced and highly trained basketball staff

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