Basketball Skills Curriculum

The Intensive Basketball Camp focuses on developing complete basketball players, so we focus on both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Our staff of basketball experts has created a curriculum that addresses both the fundamentals of the game, as well as advanced strategy and tactics. Read below for a synopsis of our daily practice schedule and basketball skills curriculum. If you have any questions about how we teach, what we teach, and why we teach it, please contact our Camp Director Tyler Slick by email or by phone at 612-353-5000.

SHOOTING - All players will do extensive jump shooting work during the early morning session, with position-specific shots added in for each position group. We guarantee that each player will get up at least 2,000 jump shots over the duration of camp. Guards will work on using their body to avoid blocks, teardrops, runners, and spot-up shooting from distance; frontcourt players will focus on footwork in the post, getting a defender on their hip and using the following moves: jump hooks, up-and-under, drop-steps. They will also go through a series of spot-up jumpers with a coach that will enhance their mid-range game

BALL-HANDLING - We believe in the importance of each player on the court having exceptional ball-handling skills, from point guards to front court players. We lead players through ball-handling drills at the majority of skills practices to sharpen hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, focus, and ability to regain control of the ball after an imperfect or unexpected bounce.

DEFENSE - We believe that defensive IQ and body positioning is more important than athleticism, so we teach players the correct ways to move their feet and create pressure without fouling on and off the ball. We also coach defensive strategy and offense recognition in order to more fully develop the players mentally.

OFFENSIVE FOOTWORK - Players are coached to use their body to create space with the defender and take advantage of the mistakes they make. We also take players through drilling on changing speeds, screening technique and strategy, and using and reading screens to get a shot and create mismatches. Great footwork with the ball and moving without the ball is essential to becoming a top-tier scorer and offensive facilitator.

ATHLETICISM -  Physical preparedness is a crucial component to becoming a successful basketball player. Athletes will go through performance training—running, agility, core strength, plyometric strength, weight training—with staff members in the mornings and nights. These sessions will challenge players physically and push them to their limits, but will pay off in the end for themselves and their basketball career. 

BALL STRENGTH - Performance training done at camp (see above) will allow players to build their ability to finish strong going towards the rim as well as maintain a center of gravity that will make them tough to guard.

GAME STRATEGY - The staff will put players in game situations to test them mentally and physically and allow them to understand the game at a higher level.. These simulations are designed to sharpen basketball IQ and develop a more complete player.

CHALK TALK - Each night, we will take the players through a strategy session on topics including scouting your opponent, how to get recruited, motivation, leadership, nutrition, overcoming adversity, and more.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - We believe that The Intensive Basketball Camp is the most challenging and life-changing basketball camp in the country. We hold players to a strict set of conduct expectations with the goal of building positive character traits and teaching life skills. We train all of our staff to teach with constructive criticism and a positive attitude that promotes improvement and love for the game of basketball.


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