High School Boys Basketball Skills Camp: Training Philosophy

The Intensive Basketball Camp is the only extended-length basketball training camp specifically designed for high school boys. We focus on perfecting essential basketball fundamentals—shooting, passing, ball-handling, and defense—as well as advanced skills such as offensive and defensive footwork, ball strength and finishing, court spacing, and situational strategy. For additional information on our teaching curriculum and methods, please visit our Basketball Skills Curriculum page.

We are the only high school basketball camp to guarantee at least 2,000 jump shots per player before 8am over the duration of camp, and we supplement our primary focus of basketball skills training with a secondary focus on teaching life skills and a positive mental approach to the game. That's why this camp is known as one of the most challenging and life-changing athletic camps in the country. Our coaches and staff will teach the athletes a new appreciation for work ethic and provide them the tools to continue to work toward their goals once camp is over.

The J7 Philosophy

No other camp emphasizes the development of life skills as a key part of the curriculum. The J7 training philosophy guides every activity at The Intensive Basketball Camp. We believe that the path to success is paved by a commitment to becoming a better athlete and a better person. Teaching the virtues of the J7—Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, and Service—within the context of basketball gives us the opportunity to train athletes in an environment that honors individual achievement, fosters leadership, and promotes shared success. These values instilled during camp will make a permanent impact on how the players approach their sport, as well as their life.

    1. Discipline

    You are willing to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it in order to improve.

    2. Dedication

    You persevere in the face of adversity, failure and exhaustion until you succeed.

    3. Sacrifice

    You do what it takes to succeed no matter what you have to give up to get there.

    4. Hard work

    You commit to your goal but know that you can always work harder and do more.

    5. Responsibility

    You accept that each decision you make has an effect on your own life and the lives of others.

    6. Accountability

    You accept consequences and understand that only you are responsible for your success or failure.

    7. Service

    You help others without the need for personal recognition.

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    Through teaching basketball in the context of The J7, the Intensive Basketball Camp focuses on developing boys basketball players that play the sport the right way—both with superior skills and with a positive attitude.

    This basketball camp for high school boys involves 10 days of physical and mental training. Because of the intense nature of the daily schedule, we limit the camp to boys ages 13-18. If you are unsure whether this camp is the right fit for your player, please call our Director Tyler Slick at 612-353-5000.


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