Mental Approach

The mission of The Intensive Basketball Camp is to offer a level of comprehensive basketball skill development that can't be replicated at any other camp. In order to make that goal a reality, we focus on training campers both physically and mentally throughout camp. Our camp leadership and counselors are trained to teach and reinforce basketball skills with a positive attitude that promotes improvement, self-confidence, and love for the game of basketball.

Our staff also provides daily classroom sessions on topics including mental attitude, motivation, visualization, leadership, service to others, college recruiting, social media use, and more. These seminars also include chalk talk sessions, where campers are led through lessons on game strategy and basketball X's and O's. Scott Savor, our Mental Training Leader, leads most of these sessions. Scott's business, Secrets in Sports, specializes in the mental side of athletic training, and he is currently working with the NBA's Golden State Warriors and WNBA's Minnesota Lynx in addition to our camp.

When we say that our camp provides 10 Days of Complete Player Development, we mean it.




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