Physical Training Curriculum

The following exercises refer to our physical training curriculum, not the basketball skills we teach. Refer to our Basketball Skill Curriculum page for that information.


Jog, Run, Sprint: The Jog, Run, Sprint exercise is all about changing pace. Like in basketball, the most effective players are able to change speeds when they play. We will test the campers to alternatively jog, run, and sprint through a 23 minute workout. We put campers through this exercise to help them gain a better knowledge of how to change speeds when in a basketball setting and to push them so they know what it’s like to be playing 36 minutes of intense basketball.

Transition Drill: 94 feet is what it takes to go from baseline to baseline on a basketball court and the transition drill at The Intensive Basketball Camp will test every ounce of energy campers have. With a 1.5 mile run, 8 30’s, 6 60’s, 4 200’s, and 2 400’s, the campers must use each other to get through this workout. We do this drill to demonstrate the importance of running in basketball and teach the campers that they need to get out and run and be the most well-conditioned player on the court.

Buddy Carry: A 20 minute run into the countryside will kick this exercise off with the campers partnering up at the end of the run to complete the hard buddy carry back to campus. Each camper will carry their partner as far as they can until they need to switch and will repeat this process until they get back. The process of using a teammate to complete a drill like the buddy carry will make the campers believe in and trust their teammates ability to help them achieve a goal. Basketball is the same way. We all want to win but we can’t do it alone, and the buddy carry helps demonstrate the importance of trusting and believing in your teammates. 

Stair Runs: At the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, we will use the football facility's bleachers for the stairs exercise. With the non-stop 22-minute stair exercise, campers will go through various footwork and explosion drills while going up the stairs. We do this to help build endurance while still putting the campers mental and physical strength to the test. This will improve leg strength and allow campers to translate the exercise to the basketball court through various defensive drills and offensive explosion. 

Rambo Run: Running 1.5 miles in increments of 10 100 yard sprints, each with 15 perfect pushups in between. Once each camper finishes the 10 reps, we will then do 10 reps of 50 yard sprints, again with 10 perfect pushups in between each sprint. This exercise is one of the best conditioning drills that players can do as it translates well to the ability to go up and down the court in a fast-paced game. The ability to complete this drill will take an immense amount of heart and ability to push through adversity. Adversity is in every basketball setting no matter if it’s a practice or a game, so being able to be strong through adversity is an important part of growing as a player. 

Run 25 min + Max Pushups: The 25 minute continuous run around the town of River Falls will push the campers endurance. Once the 25 minutes is up, campers complete as many pushups as they can, then finish with a 2.5 minute jog with arms above their head. As the body continues to wear down through this exercise we want to teach the campers to push through any adversity or pain they may be feeling. The 2.5 minute jog with hands above the head will give them that pain.

Towel Training: The towel training exercises will be something that we implement during hard practices throughout camp. Campers will use their t-shirt as a towel and run what is known as a “killer” on the basketball court while their hands are on the floor on top of the t-shirt. A killer consists of running to the free throw line from the baseline and back, baseline to half court and back, baseline to opposite free throw line and back, and baseline to baseline.

Army Crawls: Campers will have to complete army crawls during hard practices and red flag day, which consists of crawling on arms and legs for a period of time until they have to start sprinting again. This process will repeat itself for a period of time throughout the exercise. Army crawls is not a common exercise in the basketball world but is extremely effective in developing core strength and toughness.


Jon-O Run: Miles and jump ropes is what the Jon-O Run is all about. With a total of 1 mile and 8 laps, each camper will have to complete each run while jumping rope in between each sprint going from 500-100.

Lowe Games: The Lowe games focuses on teamwork. While campers run in one single file line, the camper at the back of the line sprints to the front and this process repeats for 26 minutes. The ability to work as a team is crucial to complete this exercise.

Functional Strength

Rope Training: Our intensive rope training exercise will focus on pure upper body strength. This will include; rope runs, rope holds, partner and partner rope pulls, etc. Rope training is a unique aspect of our camp that will help campers build functional strength that applies to the sport of basketball.

Defensive Drills: Moses Ehambe will lead defensive drills to start each technique practice that will include working on stance, positioning, core strength, and jumping. Defense wins championships and at the Intensive Basketball Camp, we want to help our campers become adept at both defensive strategy and the physicality that great defense requires.

Basketball Push-Ups: In hard practice, we will put campers through a basketball push-up regimen that will increase their arm and core strength to better help them in a basketball setting. This involves doing push-ups while one hand rests on top of a basketball.

Plank Push: Through 6 different plank exercises, campers will be asked to use every ounce of strength they have to keep themselves up and preserve through the pain. Teammate will hold each accountable, if one falls then everyone must start over. 

Power Strength 

Plate Workout: Camp counselors will take campers through various exercises that include weight plates. Some workouts may include plate pushes, upright rows, overhead presses, bent over rows, curls, chest press, etc. This workout will help with strength that will translate to on-court physicality. We run this workout to teach campers about muscle endurance and core strength that translates to on-court play. 

Circuit Lifting: We will have 10-12 lifting stations in the weight room that the campers must complete for this exercise. We will run this exercise 3 times through and each camper must complete each lift 10 times through before moving onto the next exercise.

Weight Training #1: Our weight training #1 exercise is a program that focuses on upper and lower body lifts throughout. The lifts will challenge your endurance and pure strength, and push you to the limits in the weight room.

Body Control and Agility

Dynamic Basketball Warm-up: Through 7 hours of skill development and cross-training per day, we have to ensure our campers bodies are prepared to withstand the physical demands. We start the campers off with a dynamic warm up that consists of various upper and lower body stretches to prepare them for workouts. That may include; Frankenstein’s, knee hugs, high knees, butt kicks, butterfly, arm swings, heel raises, leg swings, agility cone drills, and line jumps. 

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