Travel Information

The 10-Day Intensive Camp will be a resident only camp (no commuters). We recommend that athletes that will be flying into camp arrive at the MSP airport on Day 1 of camp by 2pm. However, if you cannot find a flight that arrives by that time, you may arrive after. Shuttle fees from the airport increase if your flight arrives after 4:30pm. Departures should be scheduled on day 10 of camp after 12PM.

Campers that choose to come in a day early (or leave a day late) will be responsible for their own arrangements. Our staff will be on-site ONLY the days that camp is taking place.

Family and friends that wish to visit camp can do so at any of our practices and conditioning workouts. You will be responsible for your own arrangements. Keep in mind that if you do come for a visit with your camper he will NOT be allowed to travel off campus in any vehicle. Restaurants and shopping are available within walking distance of campus.


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