Bet On It: Basketball Trains Work Ethic

At The Intensive Basketball Camp, we understand that it takes more than skill and passion to play the game; a strong work ethic may be the best way to truly improve your game. A positive mental attitude, and a knowledge that you can overcome any obstacle, phyiscal or mental, helps athletes improve through perseverance, patience, and hard work. Although The Intensive Basketball Camp is a summer basketball training camp limited to boys ages 13-18, we encourage parents to start their son’s basketball training early on in life. Sport can be a positive agent of chance in any young man's life, but love for the game must be built continuously beginning at a young age. That's the best way to make basketball both a passion, and a tool that will help him succeed on the court and in life.

Stamina Through Routine

Improvement doesn’t happen in a day; it is a never-ending process. At The Intensive Basketball Camp, we require our players get up at 6:30 AM each morning for performance training drills and shooting practice—we guarantee that each player will get up at least 2,000 jump shots before 8:00 AM at this basketball camp. This solidifies practice and athletic training into their everyday routine, which they will have to do after camp if they choose to take the sport seriously. It also takes more than good shooting skills to make an excellent player, so we put them through workouts designed to improve other fundamental skills like ball-handling, footwork, and defense. We mix in drills designed to improve physical performance, including sprints, distance running, core strength, agility, and plyometric strength.

Learning Work Ethic Through Practice

Our teaching philosophy focuses on work ethic and discipline. This not only challenges a player physically, but also mentally. If your son wants to take his game to the next level—whether that means making the freshman team, starting on varsity, or playing collegiately—this basketball camp for high school boys provides a proven way to improve. Our program goes beyond teaching boys how to play basketball and win. We aspire to impart seven essential character-building traits in our athletes: discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, accountability, and service to others. No matter what they choose to pursue later in life, these values help them to build a solid foundation for success. If your son is between the ages of 13-18, contact us at The Intensive Basketball Camp with any questions you may have. If you would like to be notified when the 2017 Intensive Basketball Camp opens for registration, please sign up for notification on our Notification Request Form.

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