Remembering Linsanity: Training Hard Gets Results

It would be unfair to say that Jeremy Lin rose to stardom through sheer luck and media exposure. Even the best NBA players acknowledged his playing and how he had reinvigorated the undermanned New York Knicks back in 2012. It was through relentless hard work and a determination to improve his game that Linsanity, the basketball phenomenon that swept the globe, was born.

Many cite the Harvard alumna’s explosive first game at Madison Square Garden on February 4, 2012, as his stepping stone to glory. Of course, scoring 25 points, pulling down 5 rebounds, and dishing out 7 assists in a professional basketball game is a top-notch performance. But this is not where Lin’s rise to greatness began.

An Intense Focus on Training and Improvement

Linsanity began much earlier, with the reworking of a jump shot in a backyard court in California in 2010 and muscle-building workouts at a Menlo Park fitness center. In the off-season of 2011, after his first season in the NBA, he doubled his squats, increased his body weight, and tripled his pull-ups. Not only did Lin work on his conditioning and playmaking, but he also trained his mind to overcome doubt and rejection. Growing to become a formidable basketball player requires an intense focus on both physical and mental training.

The J7 Training Philosophy

This is why we’re here, to provide high school boys basketball camps where they can train their bodies and minds. Our training camp aims to perfect the essential basketball fundamentals, from shooting and passing to footwork, finishing, and situational strategy. In addition, we also emphasize the development of life skills such as leadership, attitude, discipline, and hard work.

The J7 philosophy is a training philosophy that guides everything we do at The Intensive Basketball Camp. It is through commitment that a person can become a better athlete and person. With virtues such as discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, and service, we instill this philosophy in our athletes, teaching them how to apply it in both life and basketball.

If your son is between the ages of 13-18, contact us at The Intensive Basketball Camp with any questions you may have. If you would like to be notified when the 2017 Intensive Basketball Camp opens for registration, please sign up for notification on our Notification Request Form.

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