Play Like Tim Duncan: Focus on Key Basketball Fundamentals

In any basketball league, earning a nickname is quite an accomplishment. Think of Air Jordan, King James, or The Black Mamba, and you’ll be thinking of some of the greatest players in NBA history. Another baller who is famous for his nickname is Tim Dunca, aka "The Big Fundamental."

The Big Fundamental

Compared to other nicknames, “The Big Fundamental” sounds pretty boring. However, once you know how Duncan earned it, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most deserved and hard-earned nicknames in the NBA.

Duncan has a big physique, but his game has always been even bigger because of his love for basketball fundamentals. He didn’t play fancy like other players; instead, he became popular for always sticking to the basketball basics like footwork, defensive position, passing, and effort. He created advantages for his team because of his focus on fundamentals, so his nickname is a true reflection of the kind of player he was throughout his career.

Duncan recently retired, but he didn’t go out unnoticed. Some basketball experts even argue that he’s the best power forward in NBA history. But in the end, one thing is for sure: Duncan will forever be remembered as “The Big Fundamental."

Focus on Fundamentals

The biggest thing we can learn from Tim Duncan’s success story is the importance of sticking to the basics. That’s why here at The Intensive Basketball Camp, we focus on key basketball fundamentals. Our basketball training clinic helps athletes perfect their fundamentals, because once those are in place, it becomes much easier to learn advanced basketball skills like offensive and defensive footwork, court spacing, and situational strategies.

Our basketball clinic in 2017 is open to boys ages 13 to 18. If you have a son who has dreams of playing in the NBA like Tim Duncan, or just making his high school team, register now!

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