AAU, Summer Camps, Or Both? Choose the Right Option For You.

Youth basketball players in the United States have a wide variety of summer training options available to them, so when you choose how you’re going to improve your game over the summer, it’s essential to first determine what your specific needs are.

The correct path for elite players is already well-established; you find the most competitive AAU team that will give you exposure to college coaches and an opportunity to see a lot of minutes on the floor. The same is likely true for high-level varsity starters—guys who could play DIII if they wanted to. But for the other 90% of high school players, the path can be more ambiguous.

At The Intensive Basketball Camp, we believe that you must achieve a proper balance between practice and in-game experience in order to maximize your effectiveness on the court. If you rely solely on weekend AAU tournaments during the summer, you will never expand your skill set to where it could be if you focused equally on practice. And similarly, if you just practice out in your driveway or at the local gym during the summer, you’ll feel overwhelmed once real the game starts.

So, we recommend that most players supplement summer gameplay through AAU or other traveling clubs with time at a camp that teaches you how to practice. That’s where we come in. We believe that practice itself is a skill, so we focus on developing work ethic and productive practice habits in players that come to our camp. We also offer nightly gameplay so you can practice your new skills in a competitive environment without the pressure of the basketball season. Through 7 hours of basketball per day, including 2000 jump shots before 8am, you will improve as a basketball player while at camp, and you’ll be able to continue your improvement once you leave with your new understanding of productive practice.

As you plan your summer for 2017, be sure to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed—plan both competitive gameplay and camps into your schedule.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our camp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 612-353-5000.

Our basketball clinic in 2017 is open to boys ages 13 to 18. Register now!

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