Basketball Camps Aren't Just About Learning The Fundamentals

Basketball camps are popular for teaching teens the fundamentals of the sports. But we believe that camps should offer more than that; they should train young adults to develop skills they can use in life even when they're not playing basketball.

Social Skills

Nowadays, you'll rarely see teenagers playing in the parks or playgrounds. Instead, they're at home sitting in front of a computer screen playing video games or lazing on a couch with smartphones or tablets in their hands. At camps, teenagers have a chance to interact with their peers. Also, they learn to be part of or lead a team, a life skill they will need in their future careers.

Hard Work and Dedication

Basketball camps for high school boys come with a lot of challenges, from the normal training of mastering dribbling, passing, defense, and other fundamentals to playing full-court intense games. By facing these tough hurdles in a disciplined environment, teens learn the value of hard work. With this kind of experience, they will likely grow up as dedicated individuals who work hard and never give up in the quest to accomplish their goals.

The J7 Training Philosophy

At The Intensive Basketball Camp, we don't only develop young basketball players to become better athletes, but we also teach them how to become better individuals in the real world. We do that by using the J7 training philosophy in all aspects of our training. We teach the boys the value of discipline, dedication, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, accountability, and service. Let your teenage child participate in our camp, and you'll see positive improvements in his attitude and life skills after the camp.

Our 2017 basketball camp for boys ages 13 to 18 is open for registration. Don't let your son miss this opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a person, register now!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our camp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 612-353-5000.

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