Community Service Discount

This year, we offering a $100 discount to any camper who completes at least 10 hours of community service before camp begins. Please view the PDF below for details and rules.

Community Service Award Rules and Qualifications

We focus on teaching life skills in the context of basketball. The seven skills are Discipline, Dedication, Sacrifice, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountablity, and Service. Camp leadership and other guest speakers throughout camp stress the importance of being a leader in your community through kindness, inclusiveness, and helping those in need, but just like anything else, service is a learned skill. It’s something that much be consistently practiced in order for it to become a habit, so for us, it’s the most difficult value to teach since we can’t actively practice it each day.

We partner with Smile Network International (SNI), a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides reconstructive cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries and related healthcare services to impoverished children and young adults in developing countries. We encourage our campers to give to this worthy cause through a donation box in the camp store, and our company matches dollar-for-dollar whatever they donate. Although charitable giving is an essential component of service, we also wanted to provide a more active way for our campers to get involved in their local communities. So, if they complete 10 hours of community service, they will receive $100 off the cost of camp.

We hope to see many campers take advantage of this in 2019!


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